A day of capturing snapshots of my boudoir secrets

It’s just three days to my wedding and I am a nervous wreck! It has been stressful enough, dealing with the guests, monitoring the arrangements and working on myself. So when my best friend Candice came to me with the idea of getting a few boudoir photography snapshots done to surprise Jason, my fiance, on the day before our wedding, I decided to give it a shot. I could use some fun after all!

Candice has a friend who is quite an expert in the boudoir photography London circle. We both checked out his work on the internet, and it blew my mind! I could not wait to strike a pose as one of those beautiful women. Candice talked it out with the photographer, and we set a time.

The preparations

I wanted to look perfect for my boudoir photoshoot. Hence the next step was, of course, going for shopping. Candice and I combed through every lingerie store there is and picked the choicest pieces for my photoshoot. It was time well spent, and I must admit I ended up buying a lot more than I would need. But hey, a girl can never have too much lingerie, right? Right after shopping, we went to my favorite salon and spa – to get an entire beauty routine done – right from face and body polishing, hair spa to manicures and pedicures. Feeling beautiful inside out, we then stepped into the lair of our photographer.

The pre- photoshoot

As I sat in his office, I picked up a catalogue and started ruffling through it, just for some inspiration with the striking poses. It was one of his portfolios and he told me the wide variety of women who come for such photoshoots – right from shy brides to-be to professional and classy London escorts. We laughed over little anecdotes and I liked him instantly. For the ones who think Boudoir photography is just cheap semi nude shots [I did think so at one point of time], they cannot be more mistaken. As I flipped through the catalogue, I could not help but marvel the beauty of these tastefully done pictures – with subtle sexual innuendos and lots of class. I was then sent off to the dressing room, while my photographer set the scene in his studio. Candice helped me with the barely there makeup and dressing. I looked good! It was a good thing Candice was there – I felt very comfortable in her presence. So that is a tip – always bring someone you are comfortable around, it helps make things easier. And of course, you need to like your photographer too, since he’ll be taking your photographs.

The photoshoot

Before the photoshoot, we all sat together and decided on the theme for our shoot. I am a high energy woman, with an infectious laugh. So, we decided playfully sexy would be the theme that would suit me the best. Somehow, I came off as a natural when it came to striking poses. My photographer was the real expert though – he dictated a number of poses, which were quite easy, comfortable and went totally with my personality. After a number of costume changes and a two-hour photoshoot, finally we were done. I could not wait to see the results!

The look on my fiance’s face

Once the photos came in, I just could not stop myself from staring at them. I never thought I could look that sexy! As for Jason, my fiance’s reaction – he could not close his mouth the entire time he flipped through my pictures. Let’s just say, he cannot wait to get married now!

My tips for having a great boudoir photoshoot

I love boudoir photoshoots. I had done on myself, before my wedding and it was one of the most fun things I have ever done! And not to forget, the pictures looked awesome! Of course, a lot depends on the photographer you choose. I chose my photographer based on referrals of my friends and a thorough look through his portfolio. And throughout the boudoir photography London shoot, I discovered a number of things that I could do to make the photoshoot and the resultant pictures amazing.

Wardrobe set by personality theme

I used to think the only pieces of clothing that can be in the wardrobe for a boudoir photoshoot is skimpy lingerie. But my own photoshoot experience changed that view. I realised that the wardrobe depends on the theme you select for the shoot. Sexy does not mean you have to be in bar minimum clothing. For my shoot, I used oversized shirts of my husband, white sheets, swimsuits and even went topless with jeans! And the pictures did turn out to be stunning.

Correct makeup and hair

I am the kind of person who is hardly into any makeup. But my boudoir photographer managed to convince me into getting some done as in photographs of high definition, like the ones in boudoir photography London, every flaw tends to be seen. So, it is important to not only cover them up with makeup, but also accentuate the best features so that they look dramatic enough in the photos. I got my hair and makeup done professionally, and the results were wonderful!

Props make things interesting

I have always been a fan of Fedora hats and really wanted to use them in my shoot. It looked stunning with my attire of oversized shirts and boots. The use of props indeed gives an extra edge to the photographs. If it suits your theme, you could have appropriate jewelry. I, for instance, used chandelier earrings and chunky bracelets wherever appropriate – as these jewelry pieces go with my image. And they also added extra glitz to my pictures.

Get a comfortable and elegant setting

The location of the photoshoot is equally important. I chose my own bedroom as that is where I am most comfortable and it has been designed quite elegantly with lots of whites – which complemented the shoot. You can choose a luxurious hotel room or even set up in the photographer’s studio.

How I chose the best boudoir photographer for my shoot

Boudoir photography has always fascinated me. The photographs here are pretty simple and risque at times, but they are all elegantly sexy – when done properly of course. I had watched friends do boudoir shoots before the wedding to present their fiances with something unique and personal. But I have always wanted to do the couple shoots and hence right after our wedding, I convinced by husband to go for one. He was hesitant at first, but I promised him that we will have fun – and well, you cannot say no to your newly wed wife, after all!

Getting the right photographer was of paramount importance. I did not want to go with someone I was not comfortable with or one who was not that good. Hence, I asked my friends for referrals and made a list of the boudoir photography London photographers. The choosing process, however, did take some time.

I zeroed in on experience

I wanted my photoshoot to be perfect. Hence, I could not afford to go with someone who has had no experience at boudoir photography London. In fact, I was specifically looking for photographers who have done couples boudoir photography – as most were restricted to women boudoir photography. So, I wanted someone who would be good at dictating poses for couples boudoir photography too.

Also I had to see how the photo editing and finishing had been done. Both my husband and I wanted the best quality work for our special boudoir album. It took a lot of browsing through online portfolios to finally shortlist the ones I felt had adequate experience and did high quality work.

The style of the photographer was important

My husband and I had certain specific style and standards of photography in mind – somethng that will complement both our personalities. Accordingly, I was looking for a photographer who complemented that style properly. We wanted someone who had the right balance of subtlety and sexiness. This is an important point, as not every photographer could be compatible with your personalities. Even for this, a look through the portfolios was important.

Choosing someone who made us comfortable

After all is said and done, in boudoir photography we would have been in bare minimum clothing and posing for intimate shots. So, the one point my husband and I agreed on was that we should be comfortabl around our boudoir photographer. Our friends helped us out here. They referred some excellent boudoir photographers to us who were true professionals and could make us feel comfortable in our skins. We chose the one we felt we could trust – and that was perhaps the most important factor I followed in choosing my boudoir photographer.
What followed was a day of sheer fun and some excellent photography. It was refreshing to shed all inhibitions and strike poses with my husband. And when the photos came in – we could not believe for a moment that it was us. I had a great time and some memorable moments. I hope you do too!